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Product Shot 1 The Pros:Easy to use in simple mode. Very good documentation & tutorials. Can be installed on a USB drive.

The Cons:Can be complicated in advanced setups.

TrueCrypt provides free on the fly encryption up to 512 bit for files, drives and USB devices. With multiple encryption formats: Whirlpool, SHA-1, RIPEMD-160 @ 256 and 512 in: AES, Serpent, Twofish, Cascades as well as multiple combinations of each.

 Encryption can be based on Passwords, Keyfiles, multiple keyfiles or all. TrueCrypt provides volume and hidden volume (forced hand) protection and fill data randomization providing a higher level of encryption sniffing or data probing. Three operation modes give startup, mount, and traveler protection. Traveler protection, for USB portable devices, allows for the Plug and Play protection of USB flash drives.

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    Easy to use in simple mode

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    Very good documentation & tutorials

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    Can be installed on a USB drive

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    Cross platform allows encrypted files to be shared between Mac, Linux and Windows

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    Can encrypt whole disks

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    Stand alone portable version available

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    Encrypted files are not easily identifiable as such, offers plausible deniability

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    Can be complicated in advanced setups

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