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Released November, 2005

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Public version of Consumer Reports! Supports OpenID logins. Not just another mediawiki- or phpbb-based site.

The Cons:Not a large enough user base. Can be addictive. Can't sort by love/have/want within categories.

ProductWiki is a free and unbiased resource for high quality product information. The community creates and maintains concise product reports that include a mix of objective description information, and subjective opinions and reviews.

Product categories are focused on regular consumer products such as electronics and housewares, but does extend to other categories such as software and notable websites. First launched in the fall of 2005, the website has undergone many upgrades and is one of the largest stand-alone wikis on the web.

Key features

  • Unbiased, neutral-point-of-view descriptions
  • Extensive editability - nearly all aspects of the site, including the category taxonomy are editable by the community
  • collaborative pro/con system
  • competitor ranking system
  • product list making with "tapping" system
  • ProSCORE system gives an unbiased rating of each product

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  • 43

    Public version of Consumer Reports!

  • 24

    Supports OpenID logins

  • 24

    Not just another mediawiki- or phpbb-based site

  • 22

    ProSCORE is a surprisingly accurate new way of measuring how "good" a product is - better than 5-star system

  • 19

    Collaborative Pros/Cons is very effective and unique way to review a product

  • 15

    Can be addictive (I don't think being an addictive website is a "Con")

  • 13

    Better than porn

  • 9

    Free API access to product database

  • 6

    V3 navigation bar makes it really easy to navigate to different categories

  • 4

    search results are clean

  • 2

    Simple product info, and pros/cons

  • 2

    ProductWiki Connect allows retailers to display ProductWiki information on their site

  • 19

    Not a large enough user base

  • 10

    Can be addictive

  • 10

    Can't sort by love/have/want within categories

  • 8

    Search function needs improvement

  • 8

    outdated cons that have been fixed with firmware updates never get cleaned up

  • 5

    No way to edit spellink mistakes once an item is posted and edit window times out.

  • 5

    No way to delete pros/cons even by original author

  • 4

    no way to mark pros / cons that relate to a specific version of firmware as such

  • 3

    Categories (other than active) not easily navigable from home page

  • 3

    Retailers (like small independents) who don't pay for Shopping.com listings are at a disadvantage

  • 2

    Collaborative Pros/Cons means users who have never used a product, touched a products and do not posses any knowledge about a product other than what they read on someone's blog contribute as much to the product review as somewhat with intimate knowledge of the product.

  • 2

    Seriously biased for some products, unbiased for others

  • 0

    Open to trolling.

  • 0

    ProSCORE is often unrelated to how good a product is as hordes of trolls weigh in

  • -8

    OpenID login requires an extra click

  • -11

    needs an easily visible 5-star product rating system on product overview page

  • -14


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shadowtech: #productwiki_com For some reason amazon reviews aren't showing up on product pages anymore. I really liked that feature. ;) Nov 13, 10
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  • Erik

    Erik: I liked them too. Amazon dropped API access to their reviews on November 8th to all third party sites like ourselves, so we were forced to drop the tab. However, we will likely bring the tab back in a less interactive form as soon as we can. Nov 13, 10

Erik: #productwiki_com Do you think search still needs improvement? It was just updated a few minutes ago. Oct 2, 09
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Erik: #productwiki_com Don't be afraid of filling out the pros and cons on this page. I'm interested in knowing how PW stacks up to its own criticism. Oct 22, 07
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GregL: #productwiki_com Really like the site. Wish you guys the best of luck. Apr 9, 07
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Jan: #productwiki_com I "have" the website too ;) Nov 23, 06
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tnakagawa: #productwiki_com Great job! Keep up the good work. Sep 17, 06
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Erik: #productwiki_com This is soooo meta. Sep 14, 06
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