Pandora Radio

Released January, 2009

Product Shot 1Pandora Mobile is the mobile version of the original Pandora Internet Radio service. It was launched on July 11th (2008) and allows Apple iPhone, Apple iPod, Android (T-Mobile G1), Blackberry, WebOS (Palm Pre), and Windows Mobile users to tap into and listen to all the stations they have already created on the web — as well as create new ones right there and then.

Users can also rate (thumbs up/down) and bookmark favorite artists and songs. Signature to Pandora Mobile is that any action completed via a phone automatically updates the user’s online web account. This way, they can later edit their data/stations from a desktop PC or laptop. 

Additional Information

iPhone users have access to Pandora Mobile, V2.0, which incorporates several new capabilities:

  • Tap the album art to see a progress bar, create a station from the current song or artist, or email the current station to a friend.
  • Read artist bios on the flip side of the album art.
  • Rotate to landscape to see recently played songs in coverflow.
  • Play song samples for all of your song bookmarks.
  • Create stations based on genre 


  • Pandora Internet Radio Service
  • Automatic Web Updates
  • Access to Web Stations
  • Rate/Bookmark Favorite Songs
  • Rate/Bookmark Favorite Artists 


  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • iPhone
  • iPod
  • WebOS
  • Windows Mobile

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