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Mozilla Firefox

Released November, 2004

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Extensive functional add-ons (extensions) and plug-ins. Tabbed browsing. After a crash can "Restore session" which reopens all tabs.

The Cons:Websites designed with proprietary IE/Active X code may not render correctly. Windows returns an error if you close Firefox and try to start it up right away "Firefox is still running". Takes up an inordinate amount of RAM.

Mozilla Firefox is a free, open source, cross-platform, graphical web browser developed by the Mozilla Corporation and hundreds of volunteers. Beginning as a fork of the browser component (Navigator) of the Mozilla Application Suite, Firefox has since become the Mozilla Foundation's main development focus (along with the Thunderbird mail and news client), replacing the Mozilla Suite as the foundation's official main software release.

Product Shot 2 The current version is 3.6, released on January 21th, 2010. The first version of Firefox was released November 9th, 2004 as version 1.6; before that the browser was known as Firebird, and before that, Phoenix.


  • Free, open-source software
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Highly customizable with many add-ons
  • Fewer security vulnerabilities over Internet Explorer

Firefox 3

Mozilla Firefox version 3.0 (codename Gran Paradiso) is scheduled for release on June 17th 2008 at 10am PDT, with public beta trials having been in place since November 19, 2007. The first release candidate was released on May 16th, 2008 and is now available for download in 45 languages.

  • new location bar that learns from user behavior - dubbed the "Awesome bar"
  • improves HTML rendering compliance - meets Acid2 standards
  • new internal memory allocator, jemalloc, improves memory performance over libc
  • new themes for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
  • improved download manager with searching and downloading resuming
  • improved bookmarking and history powered by SQLite /w support for tagging
  • completely redesigned icons

The release of Firefox 3 has been dubbed as "Download Day" in an attempt to break the world record for most software downloaded in 24 hours. The website spreadfirefox.com has been taking pledges for people to download Firefox, and have received more that 1.6 million pledges from all over the world.

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  • 106

    Extensive functional add-ons (extensions) and plug-ins

  • 100

    Tabbed browsing

  • 96

    After a crash can "Restore session" which reopens all tabs

  • 94

    Open-source project

  • 82

    Fewer security exploits directed at Firefox vs. IE

  • 57

    Page loading can be significantly faster than IE, especially when using speed-enhancing plugins.

  • 48

    In page searching and highlighting is powerful and straightforward. Just slash and type, or F3 refind: easy!

  • 46

    Faster browsing in v3

  • 39

    "Awesome bar" learns and adapts according to the frequency and recency of pages you visit

  • 34

    Improved memory usage in v3

  • 24

    High standard-compliance

  • 23

    Built in error console for debugging Javascript and CSS

  • 22

    Site Icons for easier recognizing of web pages

  • 21

    Built in hierarchical Bookmarks Toolbar. Easier usable than scrolling through a sidebar. (just point and click not click - expand - click - expand - click)

  • 19

    New Complete Page Zoom in V3 with resampled pictures - really useful and way better than IE 7 Zoom.

  • 19

    Speed - reloading 5 tabs on browser startup takes 4 seconds (FX 3.0.5), the same task with Internet Explorer 7 takes 14 seconds (until all tabs are fully loaded). This is on a Athlon 64 6000 with 2 Gbyte Ram under Windows XP Pro.

  • 19

    Great for web developers: design and debugging.

  • 18

    DOM browser can be used to learn about web pages and customize the browser itself.

  • 18

    Its easier to integrate into different OS themes (e.g. using Windowblinds).

  • 7

    many great add-ons with solid support (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox)

  • 3

    Supports tree-style tabs list (using an addon)

  • 3

    Much faster than Internet Explorer

  • 3

    Cross-platform application available on many common operating systems

  • 2

    Easy to customize with very small downloadable addons

  • 2

    Familiar browser available on many platforms.

  • -7

    It isn't part of Bill Gates' P.O.S. Monopoly,therefore it works a lot better.If Mozilla would just develop a OS it'd probally be Awsome.

  • 47

    Websites designed with proprietary IE/Active X code may not render correctly

  • 7

    Windows returns an error if you close Firefox and try to start it up right away "Firefox is still running"

  • 5

    Takes up an inordinate amount of RAM

  • 5

    acting unstable after installation of some plugins

  • 1

    Considerably slower than Safari and Chrome

  • 1

    Slow start up in Mac OS X

  • 1

    Sessions management is buggy and unreliable, saved sessions often lost after update or crash.

  • 1

    plugin container leads to multiple crashes on a DAILY basis

  • 1

    Bloated, non-native UI

  • 0

    Updates itself without notification - uses bandwidth when the user may need it elsewhere

  • -2

    Unresponsive interface

  • -3

    Can suck up a lot of CPU cycles for no reason

  • -4

    Doesn't always close properly

  • -5

    The browser completely locks up if there's any hiccup in Internet connectivity

  • -9

    Slow javascript

  • -10

    Tons of seemingly unnecessary updates that force you to restart the browser

  • -13

    The full potential of this browser can only be unlocked by downloading & trying the (free) extensions. Choosing between hundreds of them can be a daunting task.

  • -14

    Bad Flash integration

  • -16

    Crashes when multiple tabs with Flash are open.

  • -17

    V3 violates web standards

  • -18

    v3 Default theme sports obnoxiously large and glossy back button

  • -42

    Memory usage and load time are significantly slower than IE.

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oltmer: #mozilla_firefox Some times have to switch to Microsofts Internet Explorer when using my bank website! Jan 30, 11
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Yale: #mozilla_firefox I desire you Firefox 4. Beta 9 on the 13th. Jan 7, 11
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Erik: I can't believe it's even taken this long for #google_chrome to take over #mozilla_firefox as the top browser on TechCrunch:


IE is sadly still the top browser on PW: IE 39%, FF 32%, Chrome 15%, Safari 11%, Opera 2% Dec 1, 10
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Erik: #mozilla_firefox It's been a while since I chimed on this debate, and, man things have changed. I used to sit on the fence for Chrome vs. Firefox. I now am now almost 100% Chrome, especially with the advent of their developer tools. I find myself turning to Firefox for a few plugins that I am mildly dependent on (EC2, S3, and Firebug). I find that there is a positive Firefox bias in these pros and cons. There are many valid cons that seem to get voted down significantly, in spite of their validity. Oct 5, 10
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Kojak: #mozilla_firefox It's not included with the Windows OS.I prefer Microsh_t to tell me what I can do and can't do. This just Sarcasim in reality I like BG to take IE and put it where it works best;up his....... :)When it loads yeah it may be a lil slower but what time you save at loading is lost in IE with slower searching. GO FX! Mar 31, 10
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Erik: #mozilla_firefox Firefox V2 crashes semi-regularly and uses a lot of computing resources Mar 23, 10
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Omar: #mozilla_firefox It's official: I really hate Firefox. The only reason I use it now is because of Firebug which is probably the greatest tool ever for HTML development. But outside of that, for general browsing I can't imagine using FF until they make drastic changes.

Constant updates that have way too many prompts.
Slow speed.
Problems shutting down.

The list goes on.

Now people will say FF runs like garbage when you install a lot of extensions. Well FireFox is only competitive when you use extensions! Otherwise it's a slow, antiquated and bloated remnant of the past compared to the uber-fast and sleek Chrome. Apr 24, 09
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DamienT98: #mozilla_firefox I love firefox, i would never use anything else now. I also have a ad-blocker application, it is awesome! Oct 5, 08
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Howlsthunder: #mozilla_firefox Prior to version 3 I was a die-hard Safari user but with all the improvements in v.3, I am a total Firefox convert. It is WAY faster and uses far less RAM than Safari and is much easier to customize. I like the new ability to tag bookmarks and URLs, especially for sites whose names I never remember, and I like the new smart address bar (the "Awesome bar") - its more intuitive than memorizing urls for me. Tabbed browsing also seems to be tighter as well, consistently opening outside links in new tabs.

The only thing I *don't* like is that I prefer the way Safari shows bookmarks within the browser itself, saving desktop space and all. Aug 5, 08
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dialupinternetuser: #mozilla_firefox I love the awesome bar. I've been using F3 since the Beta 5 in early May, and it's really useful. Especially when I was doing this report. I had about 4 sites related to each subtopic of my report, and instead of bookmarking them, all I had to do was start typing "Kurt Vonnegut" or "Communism" or "Atlas Shrugged" and I had very easy access to the sites. I also like the new integrated add-on installer that allows you to install add-ons from within the browser. Jun 18, 08
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Erik: #mozilla_firefox I think I may have been hasty with my assessment of the new location bar. I saw an interview with an engineer from Mozilla on Attack of the Show last night, and he said that the "Awesome bar" will adapt to the frequency and recent activity of the URLs you visit. So, when I first installed Firefox yesterday, the learning hadn't yet started and I was getting sub-par results. I've noticed that the results are, in fact, getting better with more use.

Will it read my mind? Will it replace Google? No, but it's definitely useful. Jun 18, 08
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Erik: #mozilla_firefox I agree with rabidpotatochip. I'm not too sure about the new location bar. I don't really like how it auto-completes based on the title of the web page vs. the old way based on the actual URL. There is an extension that allows you to revert the location bar to the old one. Jun 17, 08
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rabidpotatochip: #mozilla_firefox My one complaint about version 3 is the new location bar. It seems kind of sluggish when you have a few hundred bookmarks for it to search through. This wouldn't normally bother me too much, but it's still almost instant in Opera.

Otherwise, I'm extremely happy how alt text for images is displayed in this version and am definitely happy with my download. Jun 17, 08
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Omar: #mozilla_firefox I just downloaded Firefox 3 (go go download day!) and after using it for about an hour I have to say I'm quite impressed. I switched from FF2 to IE7 after I got fed up with the performance and memory leaks. There were definitely some trade-offs in switching, particular with in-page searching and copying image locations... seemingly simple stuff, but actions that I use everyday.

Well early signs look like FF3 will be the best of both worlds. The power and convenience of Firefox combined with the speed of IE7. Jun 17, 08
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