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Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate

$380.00 Released January, 2007

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Offers DX10 capabilities for the latest in gaming graphics. Provides commercial-grade encryption, bit locking, and nifty Windows Extras. Cool new look.

The Cons:Requires a powerful PC with lots of RAM. It's not as innovative as they always say. Vista Ultimate version was vaporware, no worthwhile extras came out to justify the premium.

It was more than five years ago that Microsoft released Windows XP, and on January 30th, 2007 Microsoft is launching Vista, the latest operating system in the Windows family. The most notable improvement is the development of Windows Aero (Authentic, Energetic, Reflective, Open); a new graphical interface and visual style featuring eye candy such as window transparencies and animations.

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Product Shot 2 Other new features include tightly integrated search and a Windows Sidebar as a space to put desktop gadgets like a clock, calendar, weather, RSS, and other small applets.

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    Offers DX10 capabilities for the latest in gaming graphics

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    Provides commercial-grade encryption, bit locking, and nifty Windows Extras

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    Cool new look

  • 4

    desktop widgets such as calendar, clock etc

  • 4

    stabler and securer naturally out of box than xp stats proven elsewhere.

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    Cheap for university students via Ultimatesteal.ca - $70 CAD

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    Simple installation

  • -1

    When installed correctly it runs faster than XP

  • -1

    Very secure

  • -2


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    Requires a powerful PC with lots of RAM.

  • 13

    It's not as innovative as they always say

  • 13

    Vista Ultimate version was vaporware, no worthwhile extras came out to justify the premium

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    asks for too many confirmations when performing routine tasks

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    3 times as expensive as OSX

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    Has major DRM issues

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    Not suitable for musicians as Aero introduces latency issues with ASIO. Focus on consumer => graphics, graphics, graphics and not much else

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    Lack of Backwards Compatibility (Legacy Drivers)

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    Slower than WinXP

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    Vista often "searches for a solution" and sometimes solves problems by reverting to a Windows restore point. This unwittingly reverts changes that the user made in the meantime. The user doesn't really feel in control of settings, such as, "Turn off User Controls."

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    bad security, and the operating system in general is bloated and slow: (not worth the money at all)

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    Installing and customising this OS to the point where it works properly and serves the user's needs can take a year. If the user is ever required to recover after a failure, they won't look forward to repeating the experience.

  • -2

    Runs slowly and crashes too much

  • -3

    Unable to properly network with non-vista (ie XP) computers

  • -7

    sucks big time

  • -9

    Lacking innovation - old XP with a new look

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kdm: #microsoft_windows_vista_ultimate Who wrote those Pros ??? Someone from Microsoft I am betting! :-)

Vista is NOT stable !!!
In fact, it is the weakest OS I have ever used.
It attempted to copy the best bits of Mac OS & Linux - and did it really poorly !!!

If you are a novice computer user then Vista may well serve your purpose, but if you attempt to progress to moderate or even advanced tasks, then Vista will more than likely hinder rather than help you !!!
In addition, there are some really dubious features built into this OS that really shouldn't be there.. (e.g. see http://badvista.fsf.org/ !!!)
I had the ultimate edition and I ended up taking it off my laptop because it was so poor. Dec 10, 08
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Trancebear: #microsoft_windows_vista_ultimate Most people who complain of this OS doen't even have it. If you don't have an up to date computer then don't install it, keep using XP, which is also a great OS. New technologies require beefy components as with all electronics. Would you use 10 year old Cerwin Vega speakers with a new Carver THX amp? No, it doesn't make sense. I have had this OS installed since day one and have had zero problems and only have to re-boot for other reasons, not the OS. Just because you are a MAC guy/gal doesn't mean it is OK to trash talk an OS you may have little experiance with. Mar 18, 08
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Omar: #microsoft_windows_vista_ultimate Well, Windows XP sucked when it first came out too. Vista will only get better with time as the new service packs come out. Vista is a new base to work off of and while it's pretty bad now, I'm willing to see where it goes. Remember, when OSX first came out it has its own set of problems. But Apple created a new framework to start from, and now it's very good. Vista is similar to OSX in more ways than one. Sep 7, 07
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maddmannmatt: #microsoft_windows_vista_ultimate HEY, LOOK! It's Micro$oft OS X! But one that actually sucks. Yeah. Buy a Mac and save yourself tons of headaches. Sep 7, 07
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Whipdaddy: #microsoft_windows_vista_ultimate Hilarious, I too will wait until SP2 comes out before switching to Vista. Jan 30, 07
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Erik: #microsoft_windows_vista_ultimate I don't know about you, I don't think I'm about to rush out to upgrade. I think I'll wait for the tidal wave of Vista reviews and press to to come and go first. Jan 29, 07
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rolandoperalta: #microsoft_windows_vista_ultimate It's amazing! You have to try it!! Dec 26, 06
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starbuck93: #microsoft_windows_vista_ultimate You can get the Beta off this website: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsvista/getready/default.mspx It's not the best, yet, but it is still good. Oct 15, 06
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