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Kaspersky Anti-Virus

$60.00 Released July, 2009

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Rootkit & Deep Heuristic (flexible settings). Flexible "Trusted Zone" settings (by action). Hourly Updates.

The Cons:Sometimes fails to detect new viruses (comparison via VirusTotal.org). Very Advanced and Complicated (in advanced mode). Takes up too much CPU/RAM when running in background.

KAV is the core product of Kaspersky Labs and can be found in their other added protection products. Featuring hourly updates of; Virus, Spyware, Malware, and Script blocking as well as the most flexible scanning features of any product on the market.

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Product Shot 2 Alert settings are available from Novice to Expert (and that means real expert mode) for all types of threat detections. KAV has a 98.86 detection rate with a 86% disinfection rating.

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    Rootkit & Deep Heuristic (flexible settings)

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    Flexible "Trusted Zone" settings (by action)

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    Hourly Updates

  • 4

    Less than 2 hour virus response time

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    Realtime port monitoring (all or selected)

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    Low system resource requirements

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    98.86 Detection Rate

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    Sometimes fails to detect new viruses (comparison via VirusTotal.org)

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    Very Advanced and Complicated (in advanced mode)

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    Takes up too much CPU/RAM when running in background

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    Not able to run on "on demand only" (no realtime scan or background tasks) mode

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    Sometimes annoying

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    No native 64-bit version

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Charon9: #kaspersky_anti_virus

I purchased KAV after trying to deal with corrupted live updates from Norton, and having to manually install updates. It was on sale for 20 bucks (it goes on sale every couple of months for that price) and had one of the highest ratings I could find.

These ratings are true to life. When I installed KAV it detected 3 viruses that Norton had missed, the oldest of which was over 6 months old and that alone was very impressive. Next on the list of pro's would be is memory and CPU footprint, on my machine the whole of the KAV product has less of a footprint than one of Norton's loads (much less all of them) and 1/4 of AVG's.
SPECS: 2 TSR loads @ 13K (6308 & 6772) Slice time: 42s of 161H (one tsr) 1H25m of 161H (including full system scan x 7 days (system up time 161H/24=days) & 1 Startup scan) - Normally less than 5M slice on startup scan.
Time Slice== 1.13 @ 7 full scans (once per day) Time slice is figured on the number of seconds used by uptime of system.

Alert modes range from simple to advanced: Advanced alert mode is NOT SUGGESTED for the average user, this thing tells you every single change in the system and will drive you nuts. Basically it can range between "Virus detected" and "program hook intrusion" (which is moving your mouse over something)

Scanning options are indescribable in flexibility. You could have your machine do a full and thorough scan every hour (not suggested as it is a long operation). I have mine setup to do a full scan 1 time per week, a full scan on new files every day, and a single critical system scan on startup; after downloading the latest updates. Of course you could change this to any number of possibilities.

TSR and other plug-in scanners are totally flexible in operation - monitoring; Script, Web, Downloads (on the fly), ActiveX, Mail (web and SMTP); just to name a few.

Tech Support as well as User Support Forums are all top notch, there are no flames and every question is answered with respect (no matter how trivial or complex).

Jan 21, 08
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dialupinternetuser: #kaspersky_anti_virus I know some people with this and all it seems to do is hog ram, have a firewall that even when configured correctly blocks whatever program your trying to use, and doesn't detect viruses. I'll stick with AVG Free. Jan 19, 08
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mojo: #kaspersky_anti_virus I used KAV since version 4. Generally, it functions quite well, detecting more viruses than average (e.g. AntiVir) and slowing the system down less than Norton or McAfee. However, there is definitely noticeable slowdown and the latest version cannot be run in an "on demand" scan only mode.

Beware of bogus claims about 99% detection rates. These tests are performed by av-comparatives.org, but do not give a very clear or realistic picture. For example, AntiVir is rated very highly, but in practice rarely picks up the latest viruses. Kaspersky is similar - despite the hourly updates it often misses new viruses even with heuristic scanning turned on. Unfortunately no AV program detects everything, which is why it is important to run more than one. Unfortunately, Kaspersky cannot be run along side another AV program. Jan 18, 08
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