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Google Maps Navigation

Released October, 2009

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Free. Satellite layer overlayed while driving. Traffic layer for realtime traffic.

The Cons:Many features require a constant data connection.

Google Maps Navigation is a free, internet-connected GPS navigation system with voice guidance for Android-based smarthphones. It is powered by Google maps and integrates many of Google's existing technologies into the app including: 

  • plain English search
  • voice search
  • search along route
  • Traffic, Satellite, Street view
  • Card dock mode for easier reading
  • Walking navigation

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    Satellite layer overlayed while driving

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    Traffic layer for realtime traffic

  • 2

    Car dock mode for easy reading at arms lengths

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    Highly-integrated with your contacts and gmail account for addresses

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    Better than standalone GPS units

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    Plain English search

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    Uses the latest information available from the Cloud, so it's always up to date

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    Many features require a constant data connection

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Erik: I tried #google_maps_navigation out for the first time yesterday on my #samsung_captivate_sgh_i897
IT IS AMAZING. It is better than any consumer GPS on the market, and it's free. The traffic and satellite layers are great, and with a simple press of the screen you can go into street view. The analogy for me is Google Maps Navigation to All Other GPS units is Google Maps to MapQuest. If that makes any sense. (@dom have you tried this bad boy out?) Nov 24, 10
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  • Erik

    Erik: Ya it does, but not in my version for some reason. Nov 24, 10

  • Omar

    Omar: Oh, that's strange... I saw my friend use the voice search and it's pretty damn sweet. So if you think the app is good now, definitely get voice search working. Nov 24, 10

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