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Released February, 2004

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Huge network of people to connect with. Chat with online friends. Clean user interface.

The Cons:Time sink. Too many bullsh!t apps. Too many new features to add to your profile.

Facebook is a social networking site, launched in February 2004 by then 19-year old found Mark Zuckerberg while attending Harvard University. The website saw tremendous early growth, and currently has 350 million users worldwide.

Facebook encourages people to interact, and build network of friends who, for the most part, use their real identity and names on the site.

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    Huge network of people to connect with

  • 23

    Chat with online friends

  • 18

    Clean user interface

  • 14

    Keep people apprised of your activities

  • 10


  • 8

    easy to update from various free officially supported mobile apps

  • 6

    Do not have to wait for huge profile pages to load, like Myspace

  • 5

    Easy share videos, photos and other stuff

  • 2

    easy to keep updated on friends' phone numbers with phonebook feature

  • -2

    very detailed privacy controls

  • 17

    Time sink

  • 17

    Too many bullsh!t apps

  • 16

    Too many new features to add to your profile

  • 14

    Poor site navigation

  • 10

    Unable to view pending friend requests

  • 7

    makes it easy to get into trouble with family, friends, employers, etc...

  • 2

    severe random lags with many functions

  • -9

    Degraded layout with "new facebook"

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  • Erik

    Erik: We've identified a few bugs since launch, and we're quickly working on them, and hopefully post the fixes in the next few days. I'm curious if anyone else has found any bugs, user interface, user experience, or other peculiarities. Nov 1, 10

  • Erik

    Erik: Just posted a round of bug fixes/tweaks (more to come):
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Omar: #facebook I think it's more the "bored" effect. Most peer groups go through a variety of phases with.. well everything. First there's the initial enthusiasm and then the exciting time where everybody's on and communicating, then the luster starts fading and it's just "oh... another tagged picture. woopie"

Still, I don't see myself joining another social network... well ever. I have joined twitter, but that's a different beast. When it comes to things like events, photo-sharing, etc it's going to be Facebook for a very long time to come. I hope so anyway, just out of laziness. May 16, 08
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exumer: #facebook BAH Facebook. It was decent when you could only sign up with a valid college email address. May 16, 08
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rabidpotatochip: #facebook I've noticed one recurring problem with Facebook: every single person I might have shared oxygen with keeps trying to add me as a friend. I only signed up because my friends kept telling me to, now they keep complaining I'm never on. Apr 23, 08
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Erik: #facebook I would guess most of us "have" Facebook. Apr 22, 08
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