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Endian Unified Threat Management

Released January, 2009

Product Shot 1 The Pros:-Can download Community Version for Free. -Turn your router into a HotSpot. -Manage your network from a single interface.

What is Endian Firewall?
The Endian Family of Unified Threat Management systems (www.Endian.com) is a multifunctional, open-source, network security appliance / software designed to integrate many components into a single device.

Product Shot 2 This includes (but not limited to):

-EMail Security (Anti-Spam / Anti-Spoofing)
-Web Security (Content Filtering / Access Control)
-Gateway Antivirus
-Intrusion Detection
-Virtual Private Network (VPN)

How Does Endian Work?
Endian has created a product that allows some of the best open source projects to function seamlessly together and designed a platform that is easy to configure. Because of this, Endian offers this solution for a fraction of the price of similar enterprise products in the market.

Because Endian is an open-source project, the community version can be downloaded for free at http://www.endian.com/en/community/download/

What is the Result?
-No issues of appliances/software not "communicating"
-Less maintenance costs of multiple appliances
-Because used by community, issues are recognized and solved faster
-Single GUI can control many functions

What comes with the Enterprise Version?
The enterprise version (supported) has increased functionality:

  • VLAN Support (802.1q)
  • Auto Blacklist
  • Group-based and time-based access control on Web Security (content filtering)
  • Access to the Endian VPN client (one for Mac, Linux, and Windows)
  • Endian Hotspot
  • High Availability (Active/Standby)
  • WAN Failover support for USB Broadband modems
  • Policy-based routing (ability to carve up traffic at a granular level)
  • Live log viewer
  • Endian Network
  • Updates (O/S, application, etc.)
  • Support

How is the Enterprise Version Sold?
There are two options of purchasing this: Hardware solution or Software Solution.

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    -Can download Community Version for Free

  • 1

    -Turn your router into a HotSpot

  • 1

    -Manage your network from a single interface

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    -Keep employees from specific or general websites

  • 1

    -Free upgrades when released!

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    -Open VPN (create a private network)

  • 1

    -Group-based and time-based access control on Web Security


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